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[02 Nov 2009|09:21pm]
Rest in Peace, Mister Wizard.

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Hej då Österrike, hej Sverige. [29 Oct 2009|06:27pm]
Stuff packed, four boxes sent off to Kiruna (should arrive there in 8 or 9 workdays), last evening in Austria for a while.

For how long a while, I have no clue - I would love to come home for Christmas, but don't know if that will be possible. Here in Austria, you usually don't get any holidays during the first 6 months of your residency.
Hm. We'll see.

So, yes - you'll be able to find me in Lappland most of the time until the end of July '11.

Can I tempt any of you to come visiting?

Maybe for the Snöfestivalen, or the Kirunafestivalen?
Or at some point in between for some winter sports or hiking or horseriding, or...?
(BTW, I always thought that reindeer sleds were invented for Santa Claus. Uh, no.)
Yes, that is the scary news - I think I'll have to become more interested in sports there. ;)


Oh, and Aurora Borealis said she'd love to see you there.

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SIN-ZILLA!!! [02 Jun 2009|05:50pm]
[ mood | sinzilly ]

[browsing different blog/website styles]
5:45 and, for something completely different, and slightly freaky http://www.ekklesia360.com/

5:45 !!!
5:45 what the???
5:46 LOL @ "event management" thumbnail - i read that as "Repent: Does not repent"
5:46 as in, a registry of confessed sins
5:47 now THAT would be something
5:47 a sin database
5:47 online confession
5:47 per drop-down menu
5:47 calculate your penance

5:47 well, given how much Facebook and Twitter have lowered privacy levels...
5:48 I deem it doable

5:48 and the priest only has to click through his "confession" requests once a day
5:48 and click on "absolve" or "deny"
5:48 well, "absolve" or "absolve", really

5:48 it's a sin tracker!

5:48 or maybe "absolve" and "ignore"

5:48 sinzilla!

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Shakespeare of the Apes'(s ) Testament [26 May 2009|12:23pm]
[ mood | hungry ]


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[17 Apr 2009|04:24pm]
The Merlincat has a highly malignant fibrosarcoma -
don't know much else yet, either, only that it's too big to be cut out.

I guess we'll just wait and see how much longer he appears to be quite content and not really in pain
(dad and anna took him to the vet because of this growing bump on his right shoulder, not because he seemed unwell).
I can't really imagine that his life would be more pleasant if we made him undergo chemo/radiation, and don't even know if the vet would recommend it in this case. Also, Merlin is twelve years old - not exactly a Methusalem, but definitely not young anymore.

I have to admit I find myself rather fatalistic about the whole thing - still... meh. :(

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Listless? Nah. Listful! [03 Apr 2009|11:07pm]
What has been happening?
Lots, as usual. It's been months since I wrote a proper update, so reporting everything that has happened in the meantime is something I will spare you. Instead, here's a very brief list of Things To Remember:

- Simone was here for two weeks in Dec/Jan, I spent a weekend in Concorrezzo/Milan at the end of February.
- in Milan, my wallet was stolen. With cards, student ID, everything inside. I got it back about an hour later, minus the money. The same thing happened again two weeks later in Vienna.
- Choir concerts: Mass by Haydn, Dixit Dominus
- O.K.: Probably my last workshop for a while. Will miss those.
- University: two more exams passed, only one (well, one and a half, kinda :P) to go. Whoa?
- Started taking Swedish classes (the teacher's Katharina from the choir). I hope to start working in Sweden once I've finished my studies.
- Watching Gabriel grow makes me happy. Yeah, just you scoff at my hormones... he's a great kid anyway.
- New (old) music I like for various reasons: Joglaresa, Baby Jail, David Sylvian.


I'll be in the UK from April 29 in the late afternoon to the morning of May 5, visiting Leo and Dan in Oxford and attending the Mayday celebrations there. I'm also planning to spend the first and/or last day of the trip in London (yeah, I know that the 4th is a bank holiday).

Any of you UK-anians (Toms? Anyone?) up for a meeting somewhere?

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Books playing a leading role [14 Mar 2009|11:00pm]
...just found and read this and the original post on that bit of legislation that it links to: http://overlawyered.com/2009/02/cpsia-and-vintage-books/

My reaction can only be described as "WTF??".
But that's probably because my brain's addled by all the lead in my children's books.

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My Magic mp3 Mixer [14 Mar 2009|08:57pm]
After the second of two three-hour rehearsals today, I was very exhausted, somewhat hyper (not hyper-something. Just hyper. :P), and needed to come down a bit. So I put in my earplugs (yes, more music :P) and walked home in the dark. The mp3 player was in random mode, and provided me with the perfect soundtrack for my mood and my surroundings.

Mika - Over My Shoulder
Portishead - Only You
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Heroines funnily, this started when I was turning onto a more busy street, and ended exactly when I had walked through the door of the house I live in, and up the few steps that lead to the elevator)
Baby Loves Jazz Band - Drums (for once, the elevator was there. This very short track was exactly enough for me to get onto the elevator, and stopped when the doors had closed behind me)
Mark Klem - Dance of the Sugar Plum Lunatic (from Doom - Memento Mori II, which I've never played. Go figure) (with the "normal" part lasting through my elevator ride, and the "Lunatic" part starting exactly when I opened the door to my flat)

'twas cool. :)

BTW, strange as it may sound, I heartily recommend the Baby Loves Jazz Band's CD Go Baby Go to... well, anyone, really. I actually bought it for my godson (ok, more-or-less godson, due to religious issues ;)), expecting it to be so-so... but I simply LOVE it. It's mainly kids' songs (ABC song, Old MacDonald, etc.), but played and sung by a Jazz/soul (the female singer is DEFINITELY soul-y) ensemble, and though this description may not make it sound like that, it's just one of those absolute feel-good CDs. I even grooved along to "If You're Happy And You Know It", and I never particularly liked that song, even as a kid. :P

Sunday Addendum: This morning, for a fast-paced walk to the next rehearsal (ok, so I got up a bit late):
Culture Club - Karma Chameleon
Jesus Christ Superstar OST - Jesus Christ Superstar
You know those two. Don't tell me you don't know them.
(was also on the phone for parts of that walk, so shorter list)

For the walk home, through the pouring rain as well as a pouring mig-raine-induced haze (I'm only just starting to be able to distinguish things in the center of my field of vision again):
Kansas - Dust In The Wind
Diablo Swing Orchetra - Poetic Pitbull Revolution (not quite the same mood as the others, but, combined with the scotomic haze, made everything feel ever so much more surreal)
Joan Baez - Sweeter For Me
Harry Gregson-Williams - Coronation

Once again, the end of the last song was perfectly timed with my arriving at home.

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Transdermal Celebration [12 Mar 2009|05:42pm]

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[10 Mar 2009|03:09pm]

Thursday, 12:00.

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One of these days I will post a proper update. Promise or threat? You decide. [10 Mar 2009|01:20am]
Nothing like pre-exam jitters.

After two months (with some breaks, ok) of looking at digusting pictures, I definitely feel I've had enough of dermatology and would like to be able to move on.
Tomorrow - wait, today by now, 12:30.
Probably actually more like 1, 1:30, since I'm not the first one on the list.
The examiner is said to be very nice and helpful.
He's also almost frightfully young, btw.

I've worked a lot for this (which is part of the reason I haven't been very update-y lately), so could that please be rewarded?

I hate that I get three or four questions out of a book of approximately 1000 pages.
I hate the fact that one question that I don't answer the way the examiner wants me to (and that can mean missing a mere detail, although, if the reports are true, I don't think that will be the case with this professor) can be enough for him to flunk me and send me home.
I hate having to sit through other people's exams before my own. Whenever I know the answer to a question, it's, "OH SHIT! I would have known that, why don't I get that question?", whenever I don't, it's "OH SHIT! I have no clue!"
I hate having others (both the other candidates and random students who want to get to know the professor's methods) watch and listen to my exam.
I hate the fact that I've been through the book twice (parts more often), and still there are certain questions that I read and go "HUH????"

Short version: Could this be over, please, and positively? For once, I'm pretty sure I've deserved it.

Thank you for your attention.

P.S.: I also hate what my body does to me right before an exam. I'm very hungry, but trying to eat something makes me feel nauseated; I'm very tired, but only managed to sleep maybe minutes last night - lay half-awake for a couple of hours, though, still registering my room and everything, but at the same time dreaming of several characters in Shogun, discussing whether it was "honourable" or not to sleep or to try to sleep - wtf? Coffee might help me feel more awake, but disgusted me when I tried to drink it. Been shaking uncontrollably on and off all night and morning. Don't know whether that's the tiredness or the nervousness.
The ridiculous thing is that, "mentally", I don't think I am all that nervous. I mean, yes, I've had enough of this subject, and I really want to pass, but, hey, I'm kind of resigned to taking it and seeing what happens. But my body doesn't seem to get that idea. Argh.

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[22 Feb 2009|11:06pm]
This journal has been pretty (ugly?) dead lately, time for emergency resuscitation.

I am currently at mirli's place, getting ready to watch Oscar night. In the non-tradition of this here, we're also getting ready to log what's happening.

Now, we are both not exactly among the world's biggest movie buffs. The amount of times both of us have been to the cinema this past year, can be counted on half a hand. Actually, possibly even on one finger. :P

But. But. But. Hugh Jackman. Soooo, let's see. Not having seen most of the movies that are in the running might actually make this more fun.

We'll see...
(Also, the log may or may not end up being inflicted on you)

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When life is making too much sense... [16 Dec 2008|09:36am]
[ mood | tired ]

...just go there for a while and drift off into a weird mood...

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10 Things I Was Starting To Think I'd Never Blog About [13 Dec 2008|04:15am]
[ mood | good ]

Oh, hey, that's right, I have an LJ...

Well, well, well. Where to start?

I'll just make this a very short summary of Stuff That Has Been Happening, methinks.

  1. Exams. Passed surgery and paediatrics in November. That leaves me with three (dermatology, neurology, gynaecology) to go. This is almost getting scary. Note to self: Don't forget to sign up for derma before Tuesday, 12:00.

  2. In order to be able to take gyn, I have to do the internship first. Rules have been changed without prior notice, so that's only possible at the AKH. This is a problem. Waaaay too few places available. Worst-case scenario: This, and this alone, will cost me another semester. Don't ask.

  3. Should also take the certificates from my other internships to the secretary in charge - sorry, The Secretary in Charge, to see whether anything's missing. Worst case: I have to do another month of surgery, since apparently it's doubtful whether the 2 weeks trauma surgery in Linz and the 4 weeks at the children's hospital in Zürich will count as "surgery". Don't ask.

  4. Should also get all the stamps on certificates that still lack them. Someone kick me.

  5. Instead of getting my own administrative stuff in order, have been running around for Leo quite a lot lately. My dear brother is already in Oxford, so I had to get two more certificates, signatures from his professor, have his thesis printed, and hand everything in for him. And yes, he managed to start his PhD in Oxford before he officially had his Master. He's good. He's also a lot more focussed than me.
    I'm proud of him. But there's this twinge telling me, "you could have got there, if you had tried". Not Oxford, just... "there", in general. I've been getting a lot more done lately, and not that badly, either, but somehow... I've also started to feel that I've missed a lot of chances already, partly through my own fault, partly because of annoying stuff like the issues mentioned above. I guess that Oxford thing really brought it home to me.
    Anyway, this is sounding way more depressed than I intended it to.

  6. Singing. Yes, of course. What did you think? Lots and lots of that has been going on. With my group, sang the Bach Christmas Oratorio last Sunday, and a concert with works by Brahms and Hugo Wolf on Monday. Also got to sing two solos with the women's choirs - one smaller one, which was actually part of a solo trio, the second part of Mendelssohn's Laudate pueri (no, not our choir :P), and one that can definitely be classified as a "real" solo, the alto part in "Regina Coeli" by Brahms (short, but not all that easy. The piece, not Brahms). The first time we sang the latter was pretty bad (even though the old ladies were enthusiastic about it), but the second time went really well, even though my knees and hands shook like crazy again, and I must admit I was/am rather proud of myself for that.
    Oh, and in the same concerts, I also got to sing one of the two top voices of Vijay's version of "Stille Nacht", i.e., a soprano part. Several people remarked on the fact that they found that rather amusing. :P
    Yet to come:
    Tomorrow: Christmas Oratorio at St. Stephen's (crazy prices!)
    Sunday: Advent concert with Brahms and some Wolf and lots of traditional Christmas songs. Followed by party at Vijay's. Dangerous.

  7. Talking about parties, yes, it's not that long till Christmas, so there has been quite a lot of partying going on. "Nikolo" party chez Ana & Gerhard on the 6th (lots of punch. Yummy punch), post-concert party at the Zwillingsgwölb on Monday, and the old ladies' Christmas Party on Tuesday.
    Don't laugh. Those ladies are fierce.
    Oh, and of course the post-thesis-presentation punch with Anna, Leo and his friends.
    The one at Vijay's will definitely be the "worst", though, since all the choir will be there, it will be after our last concert, and Vijay traditionally tries to get rid of everything alcoholic in his flat (or so it seems), refilling glasses again and again, while having maybe one glass of wine himself. Yehes. This will be... interesting.

  8. Bastian was in Vienna for a few days, saw him once last Thursday, and once on Sunday. Was also the first time I met his girlfriend, Linda.
    Didn't feel like two years since I had last seen him at all. Didn't feel as if we might be saying goodbye for probably just as long, if not longer, either. He's one of those people. :)

  9. People. Good cue. Leo's bringing Fazilat over for Christmas. Simone will be here from Dec. 28 to Jan 14 (!!). We will be celebrating NYE with my folks in Linz. That, too, will be... interesting.

  10. Knitting. Yes. There has been quite a bit of that going on. For one of the geekiest pics of me ever, click here. Yes, there's a touch of dork in there as well.
    More importantly, though, I've finished this, and am ever so proud of it. :)
    Oh, and I've taken up crocheting again, too. Yet another thing I never managed to get the hang of at school. I wouldn't have tried again all that soon, either, if I hadn't come across something I KNEW I had to make for my sister's birthday. That is actually a bit looser than I'd have liked it to be, but otherwise they wouldn't have fitted. So yes, I'm expanding my craft-y horizon, too. Next thing: ???
    oh, btw, cocotopia, can you be found on ravelry?

There you go, 10 points. 10 points to everyone, and Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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Yes, that's MY LOLcat. [16 Nov 2008|11:38pm]
[ mood | silly ]

This photo was taken today, and was simply begging for a ca(p)tion (anions would not have been welcome, though, nor would onions).


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Calling Elvis, and other things that might need illustrations at some point [06 Nov 2008|01:17pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Misread quote of the day:

Men do not differ much about what things they will call Elvis; they differ enormously about what Elvis they will call excusable.

...I think that was probably prompted by this great picture here, which I had seen only a few minutes earlier.

Oh, and I've got some more words for you, too:
  • Category Cool Word To Know: THESAURISMOSIS
  • Category Funny Word To Read (German): ATLASASSIMILATION
  • Category Funny Associations: KLEINHIRNUNTERWURM ("cerebellar under-worm", or even "small brain under-worm")

And did you know that one standard surgical procedure in cases of Hirschsprung's Disease is Rehbein's procedure?
And that "Hirschsprung" translates to "stag jump", and "Rehbein" to "deer leg" (/"fawn leg")?

Ah, such are the amusements of a med student shortly before an exam... :P

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YE-HES. [05 Nov 2008|09:30am]
[ mood | excited ]


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...aaaaand the word of the day is.... [04 Nov 2008|10:40am]
[ mood | tired ]


Don't choke on a choko!

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Pro Nasty Crating! [04 Nov 2008|12:31am]
[ mood | silly ]

Naster, Naster,

Learn How To Disco From A True Master!

then remix him, with Daft Punk, if you like...

pornasticration: a highly specialised form of procrastination
pornastycreation: the making of Nailin' Paylin.
pony car station: the more comfortable little brother of the Pony Express.
porny castration: ouch.


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Supafly [01 Nov 2008|12:48am]
[ mood | weird ]

I had only heard about this, but today I Stumbled it, and it's definitely something you need to see. It takes a special kind of mind to come up with this:

Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno

I love the snail and the fly.

apparently, though, I am The Praying MantisCollapse )

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